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We all miss you and can’t wait to be back together again – until then, here is something from us, to you!

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During school closures were are going to be sharing Home-School Newsletters every Friday.

Please see the latest newsletter below!

Reopening Plans

Alongside many other Multi-Academy Trusts, our aim is to open our schools when the government considers it safe to do so. Following the government’s announcement, we have worked on a detailed plan to provide the most effective and safest means for children and staff to return to school.

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement on Sunday 24th May, we can confirm that the school will reopen to pupils in Year R, Year 1 and Year 6 on Monday 1st June.

If you have already contacted us to confirm you will be attending, you do not need to do anything else.

If you have not confirmed or declined a place, but have recently changed your mind following government announcements, you must contact the school office to secure a place for your child.

Our plan has been drawn up in close consultation with all Head Teachers across the Trust, through the use of professional, independent risk assessments and incorporating the comprehensive guidance provided by the DfE.

The government’s plan to reopen schools has invited controversy and opposition from some quarters. Parents are understandably concerned and conflicted. We are not pressuring anyone to send their children to school, since you know your children and personal situation best, but by sharing the key aspects of our plan we hope to give all parents sufficient information to allow them to make an informed decision whether or not to send their child back to school.

Please note that there may be minor changes to this plan that are more specific to Sturry CE Primary School. Any changes and updates will be sent to parents by Weduc and email.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our priorities will be:

  • Pupil’s social and emotional well-being
  • Resocialisation into new school routines
  • Speaking and listening development
  • Regaining momentum in particular with early reading
  • For children who’ve had limited opportunities for exercise, opportunities to exert themselves physically with supervised non-touch running games
  • For year 1, ascertain where children are against our existing reading curriculum and if they’re behind help them catch up or relearn any forgotten material
  • For year 6, focus on their readiness for secondary school, particularly their academic readiness in mathematics and English

All visitors, staff and pupils will be scanned on entering the premises through the use of thermal infra-red thermometers

Arrival and Dismissal

  • To support social distancing for adults and avoid groups mixing, there will be a staggered timetable in place. This must be adhered to.
  • It is the responsibility of parents to adhere to the times allocated to their child
  • One parent/carer to drop off and collect. Do not gather in groups
  • Floor markings and visual prompts will be in place.



  • Children to be taught by adults that they are familiar with where possible
  • Groups will not exceed 15 pupils with 1 or 2 adults; for the duration of this phase
  • There will be no mixing beyond the group; adults included. Adults will need to release each other within group
  • Breakfast Club and After School Club will remain open only to those children of key workers and vulnerable children who have been in attendance over the last 8 weeks. This avoids mixing of groups.
  • Staggered starts and ends to the day will be implemented to reduce pinch points and ensure that children do not mix break and lunchtimes (see end of document for your school timetable)
  • Clear drop off/collection points will be sign posted and must be strictly adhered to
  • Parents/carers will not be allowed within the school building unless their query cannot be resolved via weduc or phone call. Where possible we would ask parents to leave their children at the school gate but understand that initially a small number of our youngest children may require their parents support having been away from school for such a long period.
  • Each child will have classroom resources that only they use
  • At break and lunchtime there will be no sharing of balls, equipment etc. with other groups
  • No soft play/soft furnishings or resources with intricate parts to be available
  • Masks / visors and gloves will be available for those adults involved with intimate care
  • No whole school assemblies
  • Adults in the same group must adhere, where reasonably possibly, to 2m distancing from each other
  • School uniform will be worn
  • This will follow the same approach as was previously in place; a child will be moved to a designated room (void of anything except a chair, tissues, anti-bac and a bin) until collected by parent/carer. A window will be opened and an adult stands 2m back where possible; room will be cleaned after. If an adult is not able to stand 2m back (due to child’s age); PPE will be worn
  • If COVID-19 is confirmed within a group, the whole group will need to self-isolate for the recommended period.
  • Classrooms/bases and toilets will be cleaned at breaks, lunchtimes and after school
  • Premises staff will be on site all day
  • Anti bac and tissues will be available in all classrooms
  • Specific toilets will be assigned to groups
  • Children will use anti-bac at regular intervals throughout the day
  • Classroom management will place an emphasis on washing hands frequently
  • Any equipment used by the group will be cleaned throughout the day; hence not sharing or providing a large range
  • Pupils packs (pen, ruler, pencil, whiteboard etc.) will remain theirs and sealed unless in use.
  • Doors will be propped open where possible to avoid handles being used
  • Corridor hooks will not be used; all items will need to be on the back of child’s chair.
  • Only lunchboxes, bottle of water and PE kits (on the day required) should be bought to school. No other bags or equipment
  • Laptops/ipads will be wiped down after use
  • Adults will not congregate in staffroom/kitchen areas and adhere to 2m social distancing where possible.
  • School dinners (staggered times) will have an assigned table in the dining hall. Packed lunches will eat outside (weather dependent)
  • We have subsequently negotiated with our catering provider Nourish to be able to offer both hot dinners and school packed lunches to our children. Parents can of course still send their child into school with a packed lunch from home.

    To clarify, there are three options for School Meals:

    1. Hot school dinner provided by Nourish (paid for as normal or free for those who receive Free School Meals)
    2. School packed lunch provided by Nourish (paid for as normal or free for those who receive Free School Meals)
    3. Packed lunch from home

Our Christian Vision

As the sponsor school of The Stour Academy Trust, we actively promote collaboration in order to continue the growth and development of God’s children, including those beyond our border. We are driven by our commitment to the children’s well-being and education, enabling all of our children to flourish and become life-long learners.

Listen to our Christian Vision in our children's own words below

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Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand

Our school community use the miracle that Jesus performed through God's power, to help them remember to share all we have with others. Watch members of our Lighting the Candle group read this miracle.

Reading for pleasure

Watch a bedtime story!

Enjoy a bedtime story with Mr Ovenden and Mr O’Keeffe!

Sturry CE Primary School is part of The Stour Academy Trust which has a clear Christian Vision for its church schools.

God’s children together on a journey to excellence creating equal opportunities for all.

“For the body is not one member, but many.”

- 1 Corinthians 12:14.

Our Christian Values of friendship, compassion, truth and respect are embedded throughout each school day.

When a child demonstrates one of our Christian Values, they receive a sticker! How many stickers have we given out this term?


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